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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

HI FRIENDS, I’ve got some exciting news!

This October, I will be running alongside my brother and sister in the Chicago Marathon on behalf of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation! Together, we are making it our mission to educate and raise support for childhood cancer research by joining forces with this incredible organization.

There will be more posts to come, but for now I wanted to share the link to our fundraising page with you in hopes you have a few minutes to check it out! ALSF is an awesome charity founded by a little girl named, Alex who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma as a baby. When she turned 4-years-old, she hosted a lemonade stand to raise money to “help other kids like her” fight against cancer. She raised $2000 that day and eventually went on to raise over $1 million dollars with the help of friends and family. Sadly, Alex passed away at the age of eight but her legacy continues on through this organization that not only grants funds for research but also assists families in their travels so their children can have access to the best treatment possible.

I have to say, I find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to truly understand the reality of childhood cancer unless one has experienced it day in and day out. So I am not going to pretend I know what kids and families go through in their battle against this disease. But what I do know is the strength and resiliency displayed by these kids leaves me feeling humbled, inspired, and motivated to do what I can to help in this fight. Our personal inspiration comes from our cousin, Reid, who was diagnosed with Medullablastoma at the age of two. He is still undergoing treatment and we pray for him and our family every day.

My siblings and I are to raise $3750 prior to race day in order to secure our spot on Team Lemon. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Running 26.2 miles seems daunting until you remember who it is you are running for. Even now in the earliest stage of training when I go on long runs and am tempted to quit, I remind myself how easy this battle is in comparison to the big battles Reid and other kids with cancer face. This thought alone is enough to keep me going with the intention of making every mile count!

Running with a purpose is a powerful thing. I have always enjoyed running, but I find myself enjoying it more now that I have been given the opportunity to run for a cause that is bigger than myself. If you want to support us in this race against cancer, please visit our page by clicking on the link below!

Thank you so much for reading, friends!




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